Let’s f*cking rot

A Cardano & Ethereum NFT Art Project Exploring the highly stylized world of rot.
9,999 Tokens / 0.05 ETH / Dropping Soon

Rotten is a celebration of street art, graffiti and Web3, vibrant colors, jarring art style and designs, and a massive collaboration between our favorite graffiti & Web3 artists.

For us, this collection pays homage to pop culture, street art, and of course, NFTs, taking inspiration from all of those realms.

Let. yourself. rot.

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The world is rotten

Decomposition or rot is the process by which dead organic substances are broken down into simpler organic or inorganic matters...

NFTs are decomposing “ Art is being broken down “ Culture is Inorganic

Let’s let things decompose.
Let’s make new from old.
Let’s discover new beauty.

Let’s get rotten

Discover an artistic exploration of web3 and street art through a trash-kitch interpretation of rotten apes. Let’s decompose the main components of web3 and art, allow nature to take its course and find beauty in the randomness of rotten.

minting info coming soon

The Biggest Web3 street art collab

Rotten is a collection led by the graffiti artist Defie in collaboration with our favorite street and web3 artists from around the globe

About Defie

Defie is a full time graffiti artist and illustrator based in El Salvador, where he is one of the best known graffiti artists.

With more than 15 years of graffiti experience, he has collaborated with the biggest brands in the country, participated in international street art festivals and in countless national expositions in both museums and festivals.

His passion also drives him to constantly organize multiple expositions in collaboration with other artists and local brands.

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